Did you know that one of the top causes of worry and concern for Americans abroad is fear of the IRS?  

Let Integra Tax Solutions handle your U.S. tax and IRS issues for you.  Integra Tax Solutions will replace your stress and worries with a sense of calm and satisfaction - knowing that our experienced, trustworthy and highly recommended attorneys have handled your IRS and U.S. tax issues for good. 


Integra Tax Solutions is the premier provider of IRS defense and IRS representation (tax controversy/IRS dispute resolution) to Americans and dual nationals located in the United States and abroad. Integra Tax Solutions CEO and Managing Counsel, Sameera Hasan, has nearly 15 years of experience practicing U.S. tax law of corporations and individuals, and IRS practice and procedure.  Integra Tax Solutions PC specializes in tax issues impacting Americans living and working abroad.